Friday, July 31, 2009

07.31.2009 - DEEP SEA DIVER

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DEEP SEA DIVER is our musical guest tonight....

Also, we have as our guest, Peter Choyce. He came to fill in for Fred, but Fred didn't go to his 5 year high school reunion. So, that was that.

Of course G-off, Elain Layabout, Bryon the DigitalPhillipino, Maki, and Octavius were all here too.

31 July, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Restavrant ""Home"
3. Agent Ribbons "Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus"
4. Guidance Counselor "Life is Glass"

Air Break

5. Electropath "Reunion"
6. Stiff Donut "I'm a Sexy Goth Girl"
7. Pulse Out "Deep in Every Shadow"

Air Break

8. The Ringers "13th Floor"
9. Bikos "Make Your Sound Sound"
10. Anavan "The Factory"

Air Break

11. Foreign Born "Can't Keep Time"
12. Dazzler "Dancing on a Comet's Tail"
13. John Maus "It Takes Time"

Air Break

14. Pulse Out "Let's Be Sick Again"
15. A.M. "Long"
16. Michael Mendez "Red Balloon"
17. Enthusiasm "Pyramid Lake"

Air Break

18. Poet Named Revolver "In The Very Bed"
19. Paleface "You Are the Girl"
20. Netherfriends "Stop Smoking A$$hole, Cigarettes"

Air Break


22. The Wildbunch "Ox Boy"

End of show.

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