Friday, February 27, 2009

2.27.2009 - THE PRESS FIRE! perform live!

2.27.2009 -special guests THE PRESS FIRE!

for Audio of the Show, Click here


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Hard to Break" below:


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Hipster Cricket" below:


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Little Itch" below:


PLAYLIST for February 27th, 2009:

-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Intro"
1. Plans Plans "Birds of Prey"
2. HMS Terror "Best Western"
3. Chloe Sebastian Oliver "If only You Weren't the way that you Are"


4. The Movies "Monumental Life"
5. Obi Best "It's Because of People Like You"
6. Lee Noble "Hate"

Air Break

7. Tleilaxu Music Machine "I never know"
8. Pizza! "(We Be @ She) Summer Spot"
9. Halloween Swim Team "The Rise and Fall of King Faredae"

Concert Calendar

10. Big Whup "You Can't Take My Beast From Me"
11. Straighten up and Fly Right "There's Something About You"
12. ANAVAN "Queen"

The Press Fire Play LIVE!!!

13. Guadalajara Joe "Clip N' Dales"
14. The Parson Redheads "Sister"
15. Totally Radd!! "Video Store"

Air Break

16. The Amazements "Watch Yourself"
17. The Plecostomus "Fire"
18. NASA Space Universe "Doppleganger"

Air Break

19. Jeremy Jay "Where could we go tonight.\"


Friday, February 20, 2009

2.20.2009 - THE MOVIES perform live & AGENT AVA stops by...

February 20th, 2009 -
For AUDIO of the show, click here.

THE MOVIES perform live!

For the past 10 years, we have been playing THE MOVIES on DEMOLISTEN, and trying to get them to play live on our radio show. Sure, they have played live on KXLU before, but never on the best show, Demolisten. Why? I dunno. I think Timothy James is crazy. Last year I ran into Timothy at a crappy bar and I was drunk, I basically started yelling at him about this travesty and finally got him to commit. I had to give him a cigarette.

Also on today's show, we had a surprise special guest Agent Ava. She's the original host and creator of the Demolisten Show back in 1984. She has a few interesting stories to tell about the old rock days of KXLU.

First Part of the show.

2nd part of the show.

The Movies play LIVE!!


-Chris Checkman "Dmolistn Intro"

1. Ovideo "Rec Center"
2. Grit "Coupe Devil"
3. Dirtbird "Easy"


4. Horse + Donkey "Track 13"
5. Fera "Wolves"
6. Captain Ahab "Secrets of the Universe"


7. So Many Wizards "Gentle Creatures"
8. The Pocket Rockets "Track 01"
9. TPF! (The Press Fire) "Hard to Break"

AIR BREAK w/ Agent Ava (the girl who started Demolisten in 1984)

10. Nosaj Thing "3rd Complex"
11. Los Duggans "Sugar Baby (cover)"
12. Gay Beast "Grocery"

Concert Calendar!

13. Jellmunekita "Fosoro Loko"
14. 3rd Ear "I'm so F-ing high right now...."
15. Pic Vicious "Pow Wow"


16. Halloween Swim Team "Butterfly"
17. Split Lip Rayfield "Outlaw"
18. Artichoke "Sub-Mission (cover- Sex Pistols)


19. Mycroft Holmes "Poseidon, Left of Hades"
20. The Deepsea Goes "La Muquena De Escribe De Ja Mella"

The Movies Play LIVE!!

The End

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2.17.2009 - Fred Kiko fills in for THE MOLOTOV COCKTAIL HOUR

February 17th, 2009 - 11pm - Midnight

Tonight, Fred Kiko fills in as host / producer for THE MOLOLTOV COCKTAIL HOUR. "This is a great show, and I am honored to be asked to sit in!", Fred was heard saying to himself on the way to the radio station.

Fred will go though his latest thrift store finds and you get to listen in. Even better you can peer into the realm of KXLU!

Watch it it archived below!



1. Nancy Sinatra & Dean Martin "Things"
2. Chick Corea "Beyond The 7th Galaxy
3. Kiyoshi Sakazume "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"


4. Prince Fari "Psalm 53"
5. The Olympics "Shimmy Like Kate"
6. Claudine "The Look of Love" (from the film "Casino Royale)


7. Salvation Company "Ballin' " (From The Musical "Salvation")
8. Beaver & Krause "People's Park"
9. Nick Cave "The Carny" (From the film "Wings of Desire")


10. Hugo Santamaria "Groovin "
11. Uncle Remus "Laughing Place / Zippidy Doo Dah" (from the DISNEY film "Song of the South")


12. John Keating "Jesus Christ Superstar"
13. Lenny Dee "Coal Miner's Daughter"


13. W. C. Fields


Friday, February 13, 2009

2.13.2009 - CINDERELLA MOTEL performs live!

2.13.2009 - CINDERELLA MOTEL perfroms live!

On tonight's episode of "Demolisten", the great band, CINDERELLA MOTEL performed live.

It's FRIDAY THE 13TH, and it's raining. That means lots of listeners stuck on the 405 & 10 freeways! whoo hoo for the rain.

Video of the beginning of the show.

Video of the next part of the show.

This is Video of Cinderella Motel

Playlist for "Demolisten" February 13th, 2009


-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Intro"

1. Silly Nelson & The Cop Cars "Camp Crystal Lake"

-AIR BREAK - (Fred & Octavius discuss Maki's lame absense and then Fred flubbs the intro)

2. Mycroft Holmes "Three Evil Girls"
3. Stiff Donut "Fake ID"
4. Chloe Sebastion Oliver (Alexi Wasser) "If Only You Weren't The Way You Are"

-AIR BREAK - (Fred & Octavius)

5. Okie Dokie "Ooga Booga"
6. Paleface & Just About To Burn "Brooklyn"
7. Unknown "Secret Mexican Band"

-AIR BREAK - (Fred & Octavius)

8. Cthulhus "Blood On my Face"
9. Birth! "Face"
10. Tijuana Panthers "Creature"


11. The Sleepover Disaster "On A Sunday"
12. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Everyday is Halloween (Cover - Ministry)"


13. 12 Dirty Lovers "The Monkey On My Arm"
14. Jellmunekita "Fosforo Loko"
15. Stop, Revolt "Sugar"


16. Horse Plus Donkey "Unknown Title"
17. ANAVAN "Not Sure"
18. Beardo "Girls, Girls, Girls, & Pills, Pills, Pills"


19. The Growlers "Red Tide"
20. Purple Wheelchair "I'm Downtown Hollywood"


CINDERELLA MOTEL performs live...


21. The Movies "Don't Steal My Licks"


Friday, February 6, 2009

2.6.2009 - KID INFINITY performs live!

For Audio of the show click here!

On today's show, we have Kid Infinity.

On Today's show, Does Octavius sound like a guy that looks like Lou Reed? Fred discusses his Karaoke choices, and Octavius dispenses priceless advice on how to make a great album.

If you master this one piece of advice, you will be a huge musical success! What is the key to being a success in music? Listen to the show to find out!

Also, there's discussion of a chick named Gravy, and didn't you want to know where people crap in Japan? What's the legal deal with cover tunes?
Octavius proves he's a member, and Fred discusses why he's not. A member of what? Find out here! Also, watch Betting ruin a conversation. It's an amazing show.

Then Kid Infinity starts off with an awesome cover of Paul McCartney's Temporary Secretary. It's a good set.

First part of the Show

More show

and then Kid Infinity performs LIVE!

Demolisten Playlist
5 February, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. The Widow Babies "Mike Watt Created the Universe with a Bass Solo"
3. Paleface & Just About to Burn "Just So You Know"
4. Hippie Cream "Steak House by The Funeral Home"
5. The Monolators "Everyday (cover Buddy Holiday)

Air Break

6. Avi Buffalo "Social Monster"
7. Halloween Swim Team "Inside / Out TV"
8. Coma in Algiers "Sex with an Invalid"

Air Break

9. Magick Orchids "Band Together"
10. Cat Party "Jigsaw Thoughts"
11. The Cops "Them Cats"

Concert Calendar

12. Collisions "Braille"
13. Zen Boy & Karma Girl "Fight For Your Right to Party (cover The Beastie Boys)
14. Cthulhus "Bloood on My Face"
15. Invisible Animals "Demolisten"

Air Break

16. Light FM "Sleepy Hollow"
17. Gay Beast "Good Government"
18. TPF! aka The Press Fire "L.A.V."

Air Break

15. Horse Plus Donkey "14 miles of Track"
16. Ayawaya "Installing a Fantasy"
17. Okie Dokie "Bad Luck"

Kid Infinity plays LIVE!!

18. Cinderella Motel "Snow Queen"

End show.

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