Friday, July 17, 2009

07.17.2009 - B.R.A.M.

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On today's show, we have B.R.A.M. performing LIVE!

GOSH Darnit, there's one amazing group of people. They play a great set, and then they packed up and ran outta here. We think they played their set extra fast, so they could go eat.


First half of the show.

Then, B.R.A.M. Plays.

17 July, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Desolation Radio "Berlin 75"
3. Nathan Payne "Tragic Neurons"
4. Dirt Dress "An Introduction"

Air Break

5. The Guppies "Five Alive"
6. Poet Named Revolver "Cicadas"
7. Pulse Out "If you Let me"

Air Break

8. Artichoke "Cicada"
9. Furcast "Grey is Old"
10. Downtown/Union "Tree Heart Cloud"
11. Amnion "Better Day"

Air Break

12. Math the Band "It's gonna be Awesome"
13. The Nonchalants "The Girl up the Block"
14. Big Whup "All That Blood"
15. The Broken Remotes "Last Resort"

B.R.A.M. plays LIVE

16. The Reaction "House on the Hill"
17. Restavrant "Silver $ Surprise"
18. Miss Derringer "Drop Shot Dead"

Air Break

19. Telegraph Canyon "Track 07"
20. Cobra Lillies "Tiny Dot in the Deep Blue Sea"
21. Thriller "There's no way you're wearing Denim and I'm wearing leather. We're either both wearing Denim, or we're both wearing leather."

End of Show


An artist did a project, where he listened to the radio and then drew a picture of what he thought we looked like. For some reason, he also wanted us to destroy a picture of John and Jeff. So, we did.

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