Friday, November 28, 2008

11.28.2008 Fred and Octavius Host- No Band

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No band this week because the entire video and sound crew took off for Thanksgiving. I hope that all the meat they ate develops into a death bacteria in their guts because Demolisten is way more important than a holiday that celebrates gluttony and dead Indians.

But Fred Kiko and Octavius will bring all the best demos to your ears anyways.


Demolisten Playlist
28 November 2008

1. Chirs Checkman Intro
2. The Tleilaxu Music Machine
3. Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People "Dinosaur People"
4. The Preacher's Son "Good Religion"

Air Break

5. Thriller "There's no way your wearing demim, and I'm wearing leather, either we're both wearing denim or we're both wearing leather."
6. Von hayes "Superballs"
7. Amanda Jo Williams "You Want The Wrongs"

Air Break

8. 8 Bit "Cocaine"
9. Kitten Berry Crunch "Don't Take Your Shoes Off"
10. Pizza! "The Future?"

Air Break

11. Marvelous Toy "The City is a Washing Machine"
12. Charlie Wadhams "Celebrate"
13. Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters "Homeward Bound & Gagged"

Air Break

14. Obi Best "It's Because of People Like You"
15. Coma in Algiers "Leave Me Please"
16. NASA Space Universe "Soup or Salad"
17. Fleeting Joys "Go and Come Back"

Air Break

18. Baby Sloth Spirit "Auroral"
19. Meho Plaza "Track 4"
20. Blue Jungle "Bombay Saphire"

Air Break

21. My Kill Jack's On "Je Suis Aussi Seriex Que Toi"
22. Useless Keys "Down Threw"
23. Jean Paul Yamamoto "Man Automated"

Air Break

14. The Antarcticans "Untitled"

Air Break

15. The Starlight Desperation "It Rhymes With Bitch"
16. Chris says goodbye.

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