Friday, July 3, 2009

07.03.2009 ANAVAN

On Today's show, we've got ANAVAN.

Today, we did a little experiment.  Fred had this idea to have the band set up downstairs in this little on campus performance space called "The Living Room" here at beautiful Loyola Marymount University.  So, Maki ran some cables down the stairs, and voila.

It was a ton of work, and we'd like to thank Fred, G-off, Elain Layabout, Troy Taroy, the member of Anavan, Bryon the Digital Phillipino and Maki for doing the serious heavy lifting in getting this thing together.

Peter and Octavius show up with slurpees in their hands, and do the show outside the Living Room, with the serene campus of LMU behind them.  Ahh.... how pleasant.

The show went without too many hitches, but it was a royal pain in the ass to put together.


Check out some of the videos here.

Is this one worth watching?

I dunno....maybe you're a visual person...and you wanna watch this too.

This is ANAVAN. Totally worth watching.

Playlist 3 July, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Greater California "Them the Downs"
3. Alma Mater "Tea"
4. Gliss "Blue Sky"

Air Break

5. Naim Amor "Quand Tu Es Passee"
6. Eagle and Talon "Right Score"
7. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Everyday is Halloween"

Air Break

8. Electropath "Why Do You Cry Over Her Wounded Mind?"
9. Sons and Lovers "The Mold"
10. The Deepsea Goes "To Know Everything Is"

Air Break

11. New Estate "Out of Control"
12. Kyoka "track 04"
13. Artichoke "A Country Boy in Highland Park"

Air Break

14. The Nocturnes "Nothing at All"
15. Guadalajara Joe "Trippyland"
16. Le Face "Naked Nerves"

Air Break

17. Dazzler "Fireworxx"
18. Deep Sea Diver "Hangin' On"
19. Foreign Born "Blood Orange"

Then.....ANAVAN plays LIVE! (as shown above)

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