Friday, January 30, 2009

01.30.2009 Baseck and Mikey and Jesse

On today's show. Fred is gone. He's in Seattle being reliving his long hair grunge days.
It takes two men to take Fred's place....and even then, they only equal 80% of one Fred.

Mikey (PHRS Hilton Motherfuckers, Okey Dokey) and Jesse (Haircut 100) come to hang with Octavius, and play....Ya know....the coolest music from Valencia. and I'm not talking about Spain either.

We talk about a lot of non-sense, play a lot of music, and have a great set by this amazing artist named Baseck.


Demolisten Playlist

1. Hollywood Squares "The Hollywood Squares"
2. Boy Elroy "Doe Know "
3. The Crowd "What Ev's"
4. Party Fowl "Die"
5. Charlie and the Moonhearts "I think you're swell"

Air Break

6. Horse plus Donkey "track 14"
7. John Thill "Heart of Grime"
8. Gay Beast "Mama, Wrap My Coffin in the AIDS Quilt, cuz it's Cold in Hell"
9. Pizza! "The Future?"

Air Break

10. Cannibis Cloud Float "Dear Raindrop"
11. Amde Petersen's Army "envorger af sam fun det"
12. Nasa Space Universe "da dum da dum da dum"

Air Break

13. Cola Cola "Paper Bird"
14. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Behavior Hole"
15. Werewolves "Haunt"

Air Break

16. Baby Squad "Different Kicks"
17. Zoophilia "Panda Bear Cunt makes me Grunt"
18. Okie Dokie "Badhammer"

Air Break

19. Bubonic Plague "Nonsense Nonsense"
20. Coma in Algiers "Johnny Come Home"
21. Cthulhus "Into the Ruins"
22. Chewing Foil "Toothache"

Air Break

23. Teen Wolf "Making a Scene at The Yacht Party"

Baseck plays LIVE!! as seen above

Did you know you can Podcast Demolisten???<>

Friday, January 23, 2009

1.23.2009 - THE AUDACITY perform live!

January 23rd, 2009 - THE AUDACITY perform live!

For audio of the show click here.

ON today's show, we have a band called The Audacity.
They're a group of promising young fellows. They play a really short set, so they can run off to EAgle rock to play another show. But they rock it non the less.

We have a minor earthquake during this show.
Fred boast about his large Penis, Octavius talks his experience at the LA Superior Court, Fred talks about Himalayan food, and all the stupid listeners of Demolisten.
The best part about this show, is that the audio is only 15 minutes...
But, more of the video came out.... NOt a lot more, but some.
video of The Audacity!

Here's another part of the show....not sure what though.

23 January 2009

1. Chris Checkman gets all ambient
2. The Temporary Thing "Beyonce's Fiance"
3. Sara Lov "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming"
4. Collisions "Pluto"

Air Break

5. Blue Jungle "You Always Have Something to Say"
6. Horse Plus Donkey "Your momma has 5 nipples"

The Audacity plays live.

7. Miss Derringer "Tonight I've Got A Bottle"
8. Werewolves "Haunt"
9. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Soul Proprietor"

Air Break

10. Teenage Dog "track 1"
11. A.M. "1998"
12. Luna is Honey "Steady Friend Nest"

Air Break

13. The Soundscapes "Tides of Time"
14. Anavan "Take it Back"
15. Holy Shit "New Colors"

Air Break

16. Whitman "Under Your Skies"
17. Jessy Bulbo "El Enjambre"
18. Peter and the Wolf "Miss Caroline"

Air Break

19. Books on Tape "Seeing things Again"
20. Marvelous Toy "Let You Go"

Air Break

21. Pizza! "Be a Man"
22. The Monolators "I Keep Knocking"

End of Show

I found this on Youtube. It's a video of FRED and Octavius participating in an art piece by an Australian Artist. I can't figure out what this guys name was. BUT, He paited pictures of local LA Radio DJ's while listening to their voices, and then filmed the DJ's reactions to seeing their painted image. He showed us John and Jeff's photo, and of course we had to destroy it.

Here's the video he made of us.

YOu can entertain yourself by checking out Commonism Mag, which talks about all kinds of cool stuff, and they have a few interviews with people around L.A., including Octavius. Check it out.

Friday, January 16, 2009

1.16.09 - THE TLEILAXU MUSIC MACHINE performs live!

January 16th, 2009 - The Tleilaxu Music Machine performed live!

ON today's show, Fred and Octavius talk a little about the demise of Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles. Other topics include the total undeniable attractive sexyness of Bald Men, and women's scientifically documented repulsion to redheads, and Redheaded LOVE.

Before the show starts, Kill Kill Kill plays. HEre's a video of it.

THEN, we do the first hour of the show...

and then the Tleilaxu Music Machine Plays live. See below for details.


-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Intro"
1. Chris Checkman
2. Gay Beast "What you want"
3. Pizza! "We be at @ she"
4. Purple Wheelchair "Mister Rogers"


5. Highcastle "Hope you care"
6. Tijuana Panthers "Girls Gone Wild"
7. Werewolves "Heaven or Hell"


8. Miguel Mendez "You Got Me Wrong"
9. Dios Malos "All Said + Done"
10. Million Kids " Love vs. Hate"


11. Le FAce "blah blah blah"
12. Hippie Cream "8 Feet Tall"
13. The One and the Other "Gone"


14. The Lost New Yorkers "Put On"
15. Halloween Swim Team "Habitat"
16. Stiff Donut "Circumcision Sandwich"

Tleilaxu Music Machine Plays LIVE!!

17. Coco B's "Day Trader"
18. Greater California "All the Colors"
19. Jet Fuel "Drive it Away"

Air Break

20. The Audacity "Slavery One"
End Show

Friday, January 9, 2009

1.9.2009 - LaCo$te performs LIVE!

On todays show, Fred Describes Barbara Bush's Bush. and other exciting Topics.
LaCo$te performs live!

Demolisten Playlist
January 09, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Blue Jungle "Loser"
3. Anavan "The Perfect Sound"
4. Bodies of Water "Only You"

Air Break

5. 8 Bit "Robots in Vegas"
6. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra "Don't Be Fooled"
7. Black Wire "Hard to Love Easy to Lay"

Air Break

8. Halloween Swim Team "Country First"
9. 3rd Ear "WOW"
10. Kid Infinity "Lone Wolves"

Air Break

11. John Maus "The Peace that Earth Cannot Give"
12. Meho Plaza "Your Future Looks Bright"
13. Rose for Bohdan "I, Believer"

Air Break

14. Luna is Honey "A Mouthful"
15. The Blank Tapes "Somebody New"
16. Nasa Space Universe "Infirmary"

Air Break

17. Jeremy Jay "Till We Meet Again"
18. Sara Lov "A Thousand Bees"
19. Noodle Muffin "Blazing Empire"

Laco$te Plays Live!

20. Pizza! "The Future?"

Short talk with the Band.

21. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Sendin' Out an Army"

End of Show.

Friday, January 2, 2009

01.02.2009 Nathan Payne and Le Face

For audio of the show, click here!

Octavius and Fred and Geoff discuss the old days of watching "scramble flesh" on cable tv.
Bettina professes her love for Octavius.
Octavius announces his wedding engagement.
Nathan Payne describes the life of the travelling troubador.
and Le Face are Le Face.

Le Face & Nathan Payne perform live!

During the first hour of the show, Nathan Payne performs.

During the second hour of the show, Le Face does their thing.

Demolisten Playlist 01.02.09

1. Chris Checkman Intro
2. Hippie Cream "Cuddles The Vampire"
3. 12 Dirty Lovers "The Monkey on My Arm"
4. Werewolves "Nose Bleeding Girl"

Air Break

Nathan Payne plays live.

5. The Soundscapes "Son of the Future"
6. Jellmunekita "Me Fui"
7. The Primos "This is a tale..."

Air Break with Nathan Payne and his X-mas Song.

8. Sara Lov "My Body is a Cage"
9. Melt Banana "His Name is Mickey"
10. Fera "Wolves"

Air Break
Nathan Payne plays American Infidel.

11. The Coco B's "Modern Lover"
12. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Bizzy"
13. AM "Brad's City"

Le Face play LIVE!!

14. Laco$te "Les Filles Coreenes"

End show.

12.26.08 Joey does a best of Demolisten show

Click here for Audio of the show.

Tonight, Joey fills in for Octavius and Fred.
He takes you down memory lane, back when clubs like Jabberjaw and Alligator Lounge were around.  He also mentions the Smell back when it was in North  Hollywood.

Lots of emo, shoegazy, KXLU 90's ness on this show.

Check it out for yourself.

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