Friday, July 24, 2009

07.24.2009 - THRILLER

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ON today's show, in Honor of you know who......we have the band THRILLER. No one knows why they're called Thriller, but who cares.

For some reason...we end up talking about Swastika's and Skinheads.... A LOT.
It's a fun show.

First Part of the show, Video

Second Half of the show, Video

24 July, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Von Hayes "Any Professional Quality"
3. Paleface "Holy Holy"
4. The New Motherfuckers "Iron Fart"
5. Execution Protocol "A Gun for One Hundred Graves"

Air Break

5. Ivan Ives "Red Scare"
6. Dengue Fever "I Feel Love (cover of Donna Summer)"
7. Lee Noble "Fuck L.A."

Air Break

8. Cobalt Cranes "Picture in the Snow"
9. Big Whup "All That Blood"
10. Tleilaxu Music Machine "I Never Know"

Air Break

11. Apteka "Cicada Song"
12. Pow Pow! "Fancy Dance"
13. The Blank Tapes "We Can Still Be Friends"

Air Break

14. Watts Ensemble "Train to Algeria (Instrumental)"
15. Deep Sea Diver "Pillars of Fire"
16. Nosaj Thing "Distro"

Thriller plays LIVE!

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