Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19.2008 - The Guestimates and Amanda Jo Williams perform live!

Click here for Audio of the show.

Tonight most of the Demolisten staff has bailed because they have priority issues.

Octavius is in Thailand hanging with young boys.

Geoff is participating in the American Judicial System. Hope they send him up the river. Ha ha! you should of called the best lawyer ever: UNCLE TIM from THE BOMB SHELTER.

Pedrum is pretending to be a musician.

So Fred Kiko, Bettina Chavez, and Bryon the Digital Phillipino will rock Demolisten.

People Say Amanda Joe William's accent is real. Do you believe them? Listen for yourself.

AMANDA JO WILLIAMS will performs live for most of the show.

THE GUESTIMATES perform about 1:30 into it.

The Guestimates

Amanda Jo Williams

December 19th, 2008


-Chris Checkman “Demolisten Intro”
-Patrikios “Demolisten Intro”

1. Here Comes A Big Black Cloud “Psychic Violence”
2. High Castle "Veddie Cornis"
3. The Audacity "Price Check"


Amanda Jo Williams performs 2 songs live...

4. The Movies "The Kid Who Liked Christmas"
5. Silly Nelson & THe Cop Cars "Have A Silly Christmas"
6. Ukelele Will "Christmastime!"


Amanda Jo Williams performs 2 songs live...

7. Human Host "Ghosts & Talking Fire"
8. Amnion "Here Goes Nothing"
9. Art Paul Schlosser "Venison Christmas"


Amanda Jo Williams performs 2 songs...

10. Catwalk "Yesterday's Rain"
11. So Many Wizards "Gentle Creatures"
12. Spirit Vine "Black hoof"


The Guestimates perform live


13. The Growlers "Average Man"
14. Butch Kalson "Grandpa's Revenge"
15. Conger Eel "Merry Christmas"


16. Mood of Space "Christmas Time"

-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Outro"


Friday, December 12, 2008

12.12.2008 - Halloween Swim Team perform live

December 12th, 2008

Click here to hear audio of the show.

Tonight we have HALLOWEEN SWIM TEAM performing live. The radio show after us, THE BOMB SHELTER, have HEPCAT performing live so hopefully HALLOWEEN SWIM TEAM will play around 6:30 or so.

Demolisten Playlist

12 December, 2008
1. Chris Checkman
2. Sara Lov "Why Can't I Be"
3. Jellmunekita "Chaka Zuu"
4. Ed Owosso "Gay Community"

Air Break

5. Michael Nhat "Here's a Mop to Clean the Floor"
6. 8 Bit "Cocaine"
7. Kitten Berry Crunch "I'm a Tiger"
8. Hot Toothpaste "Begging 4 Love"

Air Break

9. Coma in Algiers "Hey Mom"
10. John Thill "Get High"
11. Baby Sloth Spirit "UU7X"

Air Break

12. Brown 25 "X-Axis"
13. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Ego Face - Elitizm Destrukt - Behavior Hole"
14. The Broken Remotes "Pale Blue Eyes"

Air Break

15. Anavan "Not Sure"
16. Obi Best "It's Because of People Like You."

Halloween Swim Team play LIVE!!

17.....probably played something....

and then HepCAT Plays LIVE

Friday, December 5, 2008

12.05.2008 - The Starlite Desperation perform live.

For Audio of the show, click here!

Long-time Demolisten favorites, THE STARLITE DESPERATION will perform live on the show tonight.

Demolisten Playlist
5 December, 2008

1. Chris Checkman Intro
2. Fera "A Skipping Stone"
3. 8 Bit "Ah Hell Nah!"
4. So Many Wizards "Marion Davies"

Air Break

4. Avi Buffalo "What's In It"
5. Friendly Rich & the Lollipop People "Mamma's Boy"
6. Pizza! "Griffith Park Fire"

Air Break

7. Preacher's Son "Quiver"
8. Sean Guinan "I Won't Play"
9. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Turbulent Times"

Concert Calendar

10. Eagle and Talon "It's a Fortress"
11. Blue Jungle "I'm a Ninja"
12. Ema and the Ghosts "Rabbit Hole"
13. Chris Checkman "Crazy Chicks Monologue"


14. Secret Society of the Sonic Six "The Rack"
15. 2% - Silver People
16. Anchors for Architects "Rattlesnake Eggs"


17. Tijuana Panthers "Don't Shoot Your Guns"
18. Ariel Pink "Want Me"
19. Human Host "Ghosts & Talking Fire"
20. J Ralph Philips "It's You, It's You"

Live Starlite Desperation

21. The Sess "Cry for Crime"
22. Sugar Frosted Lightbulbs "The Candy Man"
23. The Guestimates "Heartbreak on the Radio"

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