Friday, August 7, 2009

08.07.2009 - THE WILD BUNCH

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On today's show, we have The Wild Bunch join us for a live in Studio Performance.
Subject we talked about include Animal Irony, and..... who F-ing Cares!!!

Just listen to the Music!

Here's a video of the first part of the show!

7 August, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Dirt Dress "Iguana"
3. Swords of Fatima "In Search of Power"
4. The Monolators "Ruby, I'm Changing My Number"
5. Human Host "Itzamma"

Air Break

6. Foreign Born "Can't Keep Time"
7. The Douglas Lee "Untitled Song for Baritone Sax and Jawharp"
8. The Guppies "track 03"

Air Break

9. Dios (malos) "I see the Light"
10. A++ "We Like It When Animals Fuck People Up"
11. Bastidas "Bastidas"

Air Break

12. Poet Named Revolver "In The Very Bed" (became Hyper Fighting, playing next week)
13. Pulse Out "Deep in Every Shadow"
14. Sonadora "Tell Me What"

Air Break

15. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "I never Know"

The Wild Bunch plays LIVE!

16. The Volumen "Miniature Action Jesus"
17. Restavrant "I was Saved by a Female Indian Cop"
18. The Moon Upstairs "People in the Trees"

Air Break

19. So Many Wizards "Madeline Nancy"
20. Dark Lingo "Banshee"
21. Spirit Fangs "Get Lost"
22. Cobra Lillies "Tiny Dot in the Deep Blue Sea

End of show.

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