Friday, May 29, 2009

5.29.2009 - OKIE DOKIE perform live! show starts at 6pm PST

Okie Dokey is our live guest today.
For Audio of the show, click here.

Today's show is relatively drama free, believe it or not. Funny how things work that way.
We have troublemakers Okie Dokie in the studio. The band features Mikey formerly of the barely legal teen duo Paris Hilton Motherfuckers. He's now 20 pounds heavier, a couple inches taller, and much more punker.

Okie Dokie takes punk rock into the retro future of drum machine hell. It's nice.

Here's a video of the first hour of the show.

and then...Okie Dokie Plays live in the Studio.

Playlist 29 May, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Cobalt Cranes "Messy"
3. The Nonchalants "Rock and Roll (forever)"
4. The Pocket Rockets "Something in my Brotherhood"

Air Break

5. The Reaction "Capsized"
6. Francis Harold and the Holograms "Glitter Girls"
7. 3rd Ear "I've got this Bitter Sweet Feeling"

Air Break

8. Miss Derringer "Bulletproof Heart"
9. Old Blood "Trash"
10. Horse Plus Donkey "Dead Doggy"

Air Break

11. The Fall Trees "Around the Yellow Sun"
12. God Equals Genocide "I Just Wanna Sustain"
13. Deep Sea Diver "New Caves"

Air Break

14. The Cobra Lillies "There's Always Love"
15. Gran Ronde "The River"
16. Romak and The Space Pirates "Inspiration"

Air Break

17. Kitten Berry Crunch "I'm a Tiger (Cougar)"
18. The Audacity "SS Homo"
19. Foreign Born "Can't Keep Time"

Okie Dokie Performs LIVE!!

20. Geronimo "Coyote"
21. Chris Checkman says Goodbye

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