Friday, May 1, 2009


Tonight JEAN PAUL YAMAMOTO returns for a live performance.

For Audio of the show, click here.

Today we talk about Fred's hand in Old Bush, Snaggle Puss, and Speedy Gonzalez. We try to play lots of song in Spanish for Cinco de Mayo, and also a few songs about May Day.

First half of the show Video

Second Half of the Show

1 May, 2009

1. Chris Checkman is not Octavius
2. Demolisten Theme (Let's Just have a Good Time)
3. Catwalk "Into the Twighlight"
4. Mother Tongue "May Day"

Air Break

5. American Folklore "The Blood on My Sword"
6. Greater California "May Day"
7. Dazzler "Dancing on A Comet's Tail"

Air Break

8. Jessy Bulbo "Tere"
9. Halfnelson 3X Removed "Roger"
10. Big Whup "Yaay"

Air Break

11. The1921A "Come Back Tomorrow"
12. Los Fancy Free "Jajaja"
13. The Slow Poisoner "Thundering Fists of the Lord"

Air Break

14. Maria Daniella y Su Sonido Lasser "El Tuviera No Existe"
15. Greater California "All The Colors"
16. FACA "Nightshot"

Air Break

17. William Lee and the Modern Primitives "Without Hope, Without Fear Blues"
18. The Shakes "Yo Quiero Dinero"
19. Fat Hed "Spanish Fly"

Air Break

20. 8 Bit "Picot"
21. The Audacity "Teenage Town"

Jean Paul Yamamoto Plays LIVE!!

End Show

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