Friday, May 22, 2009

5.22.2009 - BIRTH! performs live!

For Audio of the show, Click HERE!

ON today's show...we talk about stuff being in pants, Octavius clearing his throat, Fred burping, and a little tiff over the concert calendar.

It's Awesome!!!

The First part of the show.

and then...Birth! plays live. This Video is PROOF!

22 May, 2009

1. Chris Checkman is slow
2. The Fall Trees "Around the Yellow Sun"
3. Cobra Lillies "Tiny Dot in the Deep Blue Sea"
4. Meho Plaza "Your Future Looks Bright"

Air Break

5. Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot "Emotional Place"
6. Halloween Swim Team "Country First"
7. The Wildbunch "Ox Boy"

Air Break

8. Deep Sea Diver "Hangin' On"
9. Greater California "Charmer"
10. Foreign Born "Blood Oranges"

Air Break

11. William Lee and The Modern Primitives "Song of the Gypsy Davey"
12. 8 Bit "Jumped in the Gang"
13. Backseat Bingo "Neon Turnon"
14. Geronimo "Medicine Man"

Air Break

15. Facts on File "Other Side"
16. Bubonic Plague "Gray Wave City"
17. Horse Plus Donkey "Sunrise"

Air Break

18. Knight Rider "I Love You"
19. the 1921A "Salvation"
20. J. Ralph Phillips "The Rose That's in My Teeth"
21. Tijuana Panthers "Advice"

Air Break

22. Family Tree Analog "Calabasis"
23. Big Whup "Youy Can't Take My Beast From Me"

Birth! performs LIVE!


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