Friday, May 8, 2009

5.8.2009 - BLUE JUNGLE

On tonight's show, we have Blue Jungle Playing LIVE!
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Blue Jungle LIVE at Demolisten!

May 8th, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. The Wildbunch "Like a Hound"
3. Carnage Asada "Mexican Tar"
4. Miss Derringer "Death Car Ride"

Air Break

5. A.M. "Roce et Roule"
6. Big Whup "Cherry Pick"
7. The Good Listeners "Sunbeam Smile"

Air Break

8. Foreign Born "Early Warnings"
9. Bastidas "Hazy"
10. Deep Sea Diver "New Caves"

Air Break

11. Dios Malos "Don Be Efrey Du Dei"
12. Child Pornography "Blank"
13. Abe Lincoln Story "Terrifying World"

Air Break

14. Heritage Center "Death by Science"
15. Tijuana Pnthers "Redheaded Girl"
16. Pizza! "Houses"

Air Break

17. 16 "Hate"
18. Avi Buffalo "Remember the Last Time"

Blue Jungle plays LIVE!!

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