Friday, June 5, 2009

06.05.2009 Lee Noble performs.

Today's show, features Lee Noble

Lee Noble comes in the studio, with a bunch of old vintage analog gear, and whips out a set of some really cool psych whateverness.  Really cool trippy video and sound.

Fred's gone today, and Octavius just kinda mans the show solo.

Here's a video of Lee Noble's performance.

June 5, 2009 Playlist

1.  Chris Checkman
2.  Down 2 Earth Grooves "Ride Da Wall"
3.  8 Bit "Drunk"
4.  Charlie Waddams "L.A. Ocean Liner"

Air Break

5.  Letting Up Despite Great Faults "I'm Drowning But I'm Tied"
6.  Phone Calls from Paris "Wooden Floor"
7.  Calls After Midnight "Stop Pretending"

Air Break

8.  Bubonic Plague "Dracula"
9.  The Centimeters "Dracula Gary"
10.  B.R.A.M. "Big Black"

Air Break

11.  Ariel Pink "Baby Comes Around"
12.  Panda Riot "She Dares all Things"
13.  Miguel Mendez "Wide Awake"

Air Break

14.  Avi Buffalo "Where's Your Dirty Mind"

Lee Noble Plays LIVE!!

15.  Quazar and the Bamboozled "$12 Shoes"
16.  Sukia "The Dream Machine"

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