Friday, April 24, 2009

04.24.2009 - MOMENT TRIGGER performs live! Show starts 6pm PST.

For Audio of the show, Click Here.

On tonight's show, we have Moment Trigger. They will melt your face off.

Moment Trigger live on Demolisten!

The Guardian is a Newspaper in London. A couple weeks ago, Octavius showed one of their writers to a night on the town, and the article is published HERE! It talks about the eastside, and the venues, etc etc. Click here to see the article. Of course KXLU Demolisten get's a little mention in the article.


24 April, 2009

1. Chris Checkman Intro with Nocturnal Ron
2. D Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten Party (Let's just have a good time)"
3. Facts on File "Automobile"
4. Nicole Kidman "Australia"
5. The Strange Boys "Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up"

Air Break

6. Octavius Poirier "It's Called a Heart (Depeche Mode)"
7. Cobra Lillies "Cop Car"

Air Break

8. Electric Russia "Track 04"
9. Mr. Thundder "Devil Tried to Steal My Soul"
10. Tune to Me "Wasted on the Patio"

Air Break

11. the1921A "Salvation"
12. Thailand "Favorite Sun"
13. Tender Skulls "Two Continents"

Air Break

14. Here Comes a Big Black Cloud "Mission: Statement!"
15. Bob Log III "Six Stringer Kicker"
16. Rademacher "Arkansas"

Moment Trigger Plays LIVE!!

17. Como Osos "Dropout"
18. Avi Buffalo "Suns"
19. So Many Wizards "Love is on the Way"

Air Break

20. The Voodoo Organist "So Messed Up"

End of Show

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backseat bingo said...

Hey evrybody! Backseat Bingo is playing at The Airliner tomorrow at 4:45pm, $5 !

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