Friday, January 30, 2009

01.30.2009 Baseck and Mikey and Jesse

On today's show. Fred is gone. He's in Seattle being reliving his long hair grunge days.
It takes two men to take Fred's place....and even then, they only equal 80% of one Fred.

Mikey (PHRS Hilton Motherfuckers, Okey Dokey) and Jesse (Haircut 100) come to hang with Octavius, and play....Ya know....the coolest music from Valencia. and I'm not talking about Spain either.

We talk about a lot of non-sense, play a lot of music, and have a great set by this amazing artist named Baseck.


Demolisten Playlist

1. Hollywood Squares "The Hollywood Squares"
2. Boy Elroy "Doe Know "
3. The Crowd "What Ev's"
4. Party Fowl "Die"
5. Charlie and the Moonhearts "I think you're swell"

Air Break

6. Horse plus Donkey "track 14"
7. John Thill "Heart of Grime"
8. Gay Beast "Mama, Wrap My Coffin in the AIDS Quilt, cuz it's Cold in Hell"
9. Pizza! "The Future?"

Air Break

10. Cannibis Cloud Float "Dear Raindrop"
11. Amde Petersen's Army "envorger af sam fun det"
12. Nasa Space Universe "da dum da dum da dum"

Air Break

13. Cola Cola "Paper Bird"
14. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Behavior Hole"
15. Werewolves "Haunt"

Air Break

16. Baby Squad "Different Kicks"
17. Zoophilia "Panda Bear Cunt makes me Grunt"
18. Okie Dokie "Badhammer"

Air Break

19. Bubonic Plague "Nonsense Nonsense"
20. Coma in Algiers "Johnny Come Home"
21. Cthulhus "Into the Ruins"
22. Chewing Foil "Toothache"

Air Break

23. Teen Wolf "Making a Scene at The Yacht Party"

Baseck plays LIVE!! as seen above

Did you know you can Podcast Demolisten???<>

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