Friday, January 9, 2009

1.9.2009 - LaCo$te performs LIVE!

On todays show, Fred Describes Barbara Bush's Bush. and other exciting Topics.
LaCo$te performs live!

Demolisten Playlist
January 09, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Blue Jungle "Loser"
3. Anavan "The Perfect Sound"
4. Bodies of Water "Only You"

Air Break

5. 8 Bit "Robots in Vegas"
6. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra "Don't Be Fooled"
7. Black Wire "Hard to Love Easy to Lay"

Air Break

8. Halloween Swim Team "Country First"
9. 3rd Ear "WOW"
10. Kid Infinity "Lone Wolves"

Air Break

11. John Maus "The Peace that Earth Cannot Give"
12. Meho Plaza "Your Future Looks Bright"
13. Rose for Bohdan "I, Believer"

Air Break

14. Luna is Honey "A Mouthful"
15. The Blank Tapes "Somebody New"
16. Nasa Space Universe "Infirmary"

Air Break

17. Jeremy Jay "Till We Meet Again"
18. Sara Lov "A Thousand Bees"
19. Noodle Muffin "Blazing Empire"

Laco$te Plays Live!

20. Pizza! "The Future?"

Short talk with the Band.

21. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Sendin' Out an Army"

End of Show.

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