Friday, February 6, 2009

2.6.2009 - KID INFINITY performs live!

For Audio of the show click here!

On today's show, we have Kid Infinity.

On Today's show, Does Octavius sound like a guy that looks like Lou Reed? Fred discusses his Karaoke choices, and Octavius dispenses priceless advice on how to make a great album.

If you master this one piece of advice, you will be a huge musical success! What is the key to being a success in music? Listen to the show to find out!

Also, there's discussion of a chick named Gravy, and didn't you want to know where people crap in Japan? What's the legal deal with cover tunes?
Octavius proves he's a member, and Fred discusses why he's not. A member of what? Find out here! Also, watch Betting ruin a conversation. It's an amazing show.

Then Kid Infinity starts off with an awesome cover of Paul McCartney's Temporary Secretary. It's a good set.

First part of the Show

More show

and then Kid Infinity performs LIVE!

Demolisten Playlist
5 February, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. The Widow Babies "Mike Watt Created the Universe with a Bass Solo"
3. Paleface & Just About to Burn "Just So You Know"
4. Hippie Cream "Steak House by The Funeral Home"
5. The Monolators "Everyday (cover Buddy Holiday)

Air Break

6. Avi Buffalo "Social Monster"
7. Halloween Swim Team "Inside / Out TV"
8. Coma in Algiers "Sex with an Invalid"

Air Break

9. Magick Orchids "Band Together"
10. Cat Party "Jigsaw Thoughts"
11. The Cops "Them Cats"

Concert Calendar

12. Collisions "Braille"
13. Zen Boy & Karma Girl "Fight For Your Right to Party (cover The Beastie Boys)
14. Cthulhus "Bloood on My Face"
15. Invisible Animals "Demolisten"

Air Break

16. Light FM "Sleepy Hollow"
17. Gay Beast "Good Government"
18. TPF! aka The Press Fire "L.A.V."

Air Break

15. Horse Plus Donkey "14 miles of Track"
16. Ayawaya "Installing a Fantasy"
17. Okie Dokie "Bad Luck"

Kid Infinity plays LIVE!!

18. Cinderella Motel "Snow Queen"

End show.


rhea said...
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sillynelson said...

Lookout. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Breakout out the Camp Crystal Lake song!

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