Friday, January 23, 2009

1.23.2009 - THE AUDACITY perform live!

January 23rd, 2009 - THE AUDACITY perform live!

For audio of the show click here.

ON today's show, we have a band called The Audacity.
They're a group of promising young fellows. They play a really short set, so they can run off to EAgle rock to play another show. But they rock it non the less.

We have a minor earthquake during this show.
Fred boast about his large Penis, Octavius talks his experience at the LA Superior Court, Fred talks about Himalayan food, and all the stupid listeners of Demolisten.
The best part about this show, is that the audio is only 15 minutes...
But, more of the video came out.... NOt a lot more, but some.
video of The Audacity!

Here's another part of the show....not sure what though.

23 January 2009

1. Chris Checkman gets all ambient
2. The Temporary Thing "Beyonce's Fiance"
3. Sara Lov "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming"
4. Collisions "Pluto"

Air Break

5. Blue Jungle "You Always Have Something to Say"
6. Horse Plus Donkey "Your momma has 5 nipples"

The Audacity plays live.

7. Miss Derringer "Tonight I've Got A Bottle"
8. Werewolves "Haunt"
9. The Tleilaxu Music Machine "Soul Proprietor"

Air Break

10. Teenage Dog "track 1"
11. A.M. "1998"
12. Luna is Honey "Steady Friend Nest"

Air Break

13. The Soundscapes "Tides of Time"
14. Anavan "Take it Back"
15. Holy Shit "New Colors"

Air Break

16. Whitman "Under Your Skies"
17. Jessy Bulbo "El Enjambre"
18. Peter and the Wolf "Miss Caroline"

Air Break

19. Books on Tape "Seeing things Again"
20. Marvelous Toy "Let You Go"

Air Break

21. Pizza! "Be a Man"
22. The Monolators "I Keep Knocking"

End of Show

I found this on Youtube. It's a video of FRED and Octavius participating in an art piece by an Australian Artist. I can't figure out what this guys name was. BUT, He paited pictures of local LA Radio DJ's while listening to their voices, and then filmed the DJ's reactions to seeing their painted image. He showed us John and Jeff's photo, and of course we had to destroy it.

Here's the video he made of us.

YOu can entertain yourself by checking out Commonism Mag, which talks about all kinds of cool stuff, and they have a few interviews with people around L.A., including Octavius. Check it out.

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cLAy TV said...

YO! It's Clay from TPF! and . Audacity actually has a big ass show in Eagle Rock with No Age and the new Jawbreaker project called thorn of life tonight. Sold out. Oh, and the Blue Jungle show at L' Keg has been moved to Sunday, it's with us and pizza! and others.
ps see you on at the end of Feb. ps Aaron from Anavan is recording our new EP on Modern Sleeze Records due late Feb.

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