Friday, June 19, 2009

06.19.2009 Backseat Bingo

on Today's show, we have Backseat Bingo
For audio of the show, click here.

The show feature Octavius and Peter Choyce guest hosts.
Backseat Bingo Rock it.

19 June, 2009

1. Chris Checkman
2. Octavius' Planet of the Apes Intro
3. Thieves Like Us "Drugs in my Body"
4. Downtown/Union "Wake up call from the Nexus of Me and You"
5. Heritage Centre "Losing Touch"

Air Break

6. Deep Sea Diver "Confidence"
7. Meho Plaza "The Instruments"
8. Rodeo Birdmouth "I am the Van"

Air Break

Elaine Layabout Rock Block with....
9. The Slang Chickens "Let's Microwave"
10. Telegraph Canyon "Into the Woods"
11. Netherfriends "TAC TAC"

Air Break

12. Poet Named Revolver "Hate"
13. Horsehair Everywhere "Track 09"
14. Dirt Dress "Dreams"

Air Break

15. So Many Wizards "Fly a Kite"
16. Pulse Out "Girls Give Girls a Bad Name"
17. Chewing Foil "Desert Plant"
18. Chloe Sebastian Oliver "If Only You Weren't the Way that you Are"

Air Break

18. Harry Merry "Village Life in 1905"
19. Greater California "Them The Downs"

Backseat Bingo plays LIVE!

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