Friday, June 12, 2009

06.12.2009 - SO MANY WIZARDS perfoms live!

Click here for Audio of the show

SO MANY WIZARDS play live on today's show. Today, the only people in the studio were Fred, Octavius and Maki. So, we had to go a bit old school with the video and everything else.

This band is definitely worth checking out. Less Talk more Music.

12 June, 2009

1. Chris Checkman says hello
2. Big Whup "Cover my Eyes"
3. Luna is Honey "Heartless"
4. Bikos "Make Your Sound Sound"

Air Break

5. Anavan "Not Sure"
6. Agent Ribbons "Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus"
7. Jeremy Jay "In This Lonely Town"

Air Break

8. Dogweed "Morning Smoke"
9. Artichoke "Here Come the Hipsters"
10. Miss Derringer "Black Tears"

Air Break

11. The Lassie Foundation "Dive Bomber"
12. Dios (Malos)"No is Wrong"
13. Deep Sea Diver "New Caves"

Air Break

14. Hollywood Video Game Kill Bot "Emotional Place"
15. Castledoor "Dumpster Diving"
16. The Nonchalants "Grab The Roses By The Thorns"

Air Break

17. Murdered Man "I'm just a Sponge"
18. The Reaction "Confidence Game"
19. Agent Orange "Bloodstains"0

Air Break

20. Tijuana Panthers "Crew Cut"
21. 8 Bit Weapon "Commodore C 64"

So Many Wizards perform LIVE!

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