Friday, February 20, 2009

2.20.2009 - THE MOVIES perform live & AGENT AVA stops by...

February 20th, 2009 -
For AUDIO of the show, click here.

THE MOVIES perform live!

For the past 10 years, we have been playing THE MOVIES on DEMOLISTEN, and trying to get them to play live on our radio show. Sure, they have played live on KXLU before, but never on the best show, Demolisten. Why? I dunno. I think Timothy James is crazy. Last year I ran into Timothy at a crappy bar and I was drunk, I basically started yelling at him about this travesty and finally got him to commit. I had to give him a cigarette.

Also on today's show, we had a surprise special guest Agent Ava. She's the original host and creator of the Demolisten Show back in 1984. She has a few interesting stories to tell about the old rock days of KXLU.

First Part of the show.

2nd part of the show.

The Movies play LIVE!!


-Chris Checkman "Dmolistn Intro"

1. Ovideo "Rec Center"
2. Grit "Coupe Devil"
3. Dirtbird "Easy"


4. Horse + Donkey "Track 13"
5. Fera "Wolves"
6. Captain Ahab "Secrets of the Universe"


7. So Many Wizards "Gentle Creatures"
8. The Pocket Rockets "Track 01"
9. TPF! (The Press Fire) "Hard to Break"

AIR BREAK w/ Agent Ava (the girl who started Demolisten in 1984)

10. Nosaj Thing "3rd Complex"
11. Los Duggans "Sugar Baby (cover)"
12. Gay Beast "Grocery"

Concert Calendar!

13. Jellmunekita "Fosoro Loko"
14. 3rd Ear "I'm so F-ing high right now...."
15. Pic Vicious "Pow Wow"


16. Halloween Swim Team "Butterfly"
17. Split Lip Rayfield "Outlaw"
18. Artichoke "Sub-Mission (cover- Sex Pistols)


19. Mycroft Holmes "Poseidon, Left of Hades"
20. The Deepsea Goes "La Muquena De Escribe De Ja Mella"

The Movies Play LIVE!!

The End

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