Friday, February 27, 2009

2.27.2009 - THE PRESS FIRE! perform live!

2.27.2009 -special guests THE PRESS FIRE!

for Audio of the Show, Click here


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Hard to Break" below:


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Hipster Cricket" below:


Watch THE PRESS FIRE perform the song "Little Itch" below:


PLAYLIST for February 27th, 2009:

-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Intro"
1. Plans Plans "Birds of Prey"
2. HMS Terror "Best Western"
3. Chloe Sebastian Oliver "If only You Weren't the way that you Are"


4. The Movies "Monumental Life"
5. Obi Best "It's Because of People Like You"
6. Lee Noble "Hate"

Air Break

7. Tleilaxu Music Machine "I never know"
8. Pizza! "(We Be @ She) Summer Spot"
9. Halloween Swim Team "The Rise and Fall of King Faredae"

Concert Calendar

10. Big Whup "You Can't Take My Beast From Me"
11. Straighten up and Fly Right "There's Something About You"
12. ANAVAN "Queen"

The Press Fire Play LIVE!!!

13. Guadalajara Joe "Clip N' Dales"
14. The Parson Redheads "Sister"
15. Totally Radd!! "Video Store"

Air Break

16. The Amazements "Watch Yourself"
17. The Plecostomus "Fire"
18. NASA Space Universe "Doppleganger"

Air Break

19. Jeremy Jay "Where could we go tonight.\"


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