Friday, March 13, 2009

03.13.09 Obi Best and Sean Carnage!

ON today's show, we have Sean Carnage as a special guest.
He's the Genius who brings us the talent on mondays at The Pehrspace.

Obi Best also plays live!

Playlist 03.13.2009

1. June in July "Sunset Junction"

Then Octavius is Chris Checkman.

2. Murdered Man "I'm just a sponge"
3. Patrikios "Demolisten Theme"
4. John Kessel "What it was Like"
5. The Amazements "track 01"

Air Break

6. Sonadora "Eggshells"
7. Aaron Embry (now Amnion) "In Random Pandemonium"
8. Damo Suzuki jamming with guys from Mexico City

Air Break

9. Kyle H. Mabson "Don't Stop Believin"
10. Tik///Tik "Go Before"
11. Kevin Greenspon "Del Tecate"

Air Break

12. Mad Happy "Oozing Franken Prophetics"
13. Boris Karloff "Punky Chips Ahoy"
14. Good News for People With Credit Problems "Suicide Manual"

Air Break

15. Okie Dokey "Milk"

Air Break

16. Anavan and Foot Village "Crow Call"

Obi Best plays live!!

17. The Widow Babies "Lincoln"

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