Thursday, August 13, 2009

08.14.2009 - Hyper Fighting- Laz D

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On tonight's show, we have Laz D, and Hyper Fighting. Hyper Fighting features members of Horsehair Everywhere, Poet Named Revolver, and Lee Noble. Laz D is a rapper. Check out his website, if you wanna see what all the Hype is about.

Hyper Fighting Playing Live!

Video of Laz D and Octavius during the first part of the show.

14 August, 2009

1. Octavius is Chris Checkman
2. Ariel Pink "Jagged Carnival Rides"
3. Okey Dokie "Badhammer"
4. The Transmissions "Track 04?"

Air Break

5. Laz D "In Your Face"
6. Beardo "Demolisten Theme"
7. Pizza! "Mammoth Skull"
8. Spirit Fangs "Get Lost"

Air Break

9. Restavrant "The Future Strikes Back"
10. Chinese Goblin Factory "Silence!"
11. Deep Sea Diver "Confidence"
12. Rise Up Howling Werewolf "The Hearse"

Laz D
Performs LIVE!

13. Downtown/Union "Hearts Fall from Aeroplanes"
14. The Monolators "French TV"
15. Ne-Yo "Demolisten Theme"
16. Amanda Jo Williams "Country Girl"

Air Break

17. Guidance Counselor "BBall Hands"
18. Paleface "A Cheatin' Song"
19. Kitten "kitten with a whip"

Hyper Fighting plays LIVE!

20. Pulse Out "Let's Say All the Things We Never"
21. So Many Wizards "Let's Be Friends"
22. D Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten Theme"

End Show

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Deep Thought said...

Thanks for playing "Silence!"

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