Friday, March 20, 2009

03.20.2009 - Traps PS and Chloe Sebastian Oliver

03.20.2009 - Traps PS perform live

ON today's show, Alexi Wasser from Chloe Sebastian Oliver visits us for her website... and all hell basically breaks loose. Yes it's true....Alexi came to the studio like a Vulture comes to a corpse, looking for young pieces of fresh dead meat for her website I think Matt, Fred, Octavius, and maybe even some of the guys from Traps,Ps may end up there in some for or other.
As for today's show.........

It's crowded, people are missing, no one knows what's going on, the video malfunctions, and finally Fred simply aborts the mission, and decides to man the Video instead of doing the show.

Basically, Fred jumps on the grenade.

After about 30 minutes, we recover right before a crash landing........ It's interesting.
She interviews Octavius, talks about how sexy Fred is, and then she plays one of her worst songs....but the other ones are good.

And then, Traps, Ps play an amazing Inaugural show. This is the first time this band has ever been played on the air, and the first time they ever played on the air.

Watch what happened on the video screens below!


-Chris Checkman "Demolisten Intro"

1. Zen Boy & Karma Girl "Demolisten Theme Song"
2. Michael Nhat "A lot of People ask if That's her Real Name"
3. Plecostemus "Fire"


4. Agent Ribbons "Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus"
5. Big Whup "Trim"
6. Adam Balbo "The Universe is all There Is"
7. Bastidas "Insects"
8. Chloe Sebastian Oliver "A Bit of me is in Love with a Bit of YOu"


7. Magick Orchids "Passionista"
8. Ovideo "Rec Cntr"
9. Freshly Watered Sidewalks "And So What?"


10. The Nocturnes "Nothing at All"
11. Silly Nelson and the Cop Cars" Take Ourselves to Sleep"
12. Tleilaxu Music Machine "Sendin out an Army"


13. Chloe Sebastian Oliver "You'll never Know Unless I tell You"
14. Stiff Donut "Circumcision Sandwich"
15. The Movies "Limousine"


16. Aux Raus "Power Power"
17. Lee Noble "Pig Head Mask"
18. Soccer Mom "Man Groupie"

Air Break

19. Ivan Ives "Red Scare"

Taps, Ps plays LIVE!!

20. Avi Buffalo "Remember the last Time"
END Show

Octavius was once interviewed in a similar style on once....just click on the cube on the left at this link. or just watch his near death experience stories here.

OCTAVIUS POIRIER from Commonism on Vimeo.

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