Friday, September 25, 2009

09.25.2009 The Cobalt Cranes

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The Cobalt Cranes play LIVE!

The Cobalt Cranes are our guests tonight. We also have Mouse from Classical Geek Theatre. What he hell is that? It's a Blog that usually talks about music. Check it out! He's got some really good insight into some music that we don't have here.... Fred takes a break, and runs some video with Bryon the Digital Phillipino, Ge-off, and Elaine Layabout.

Here's some video of the first part of the show, with Mouse and Octavius.

09.25.2009 Playlist

1. D Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten Theme"
2. Los Duggans "Rise up You Workers"
3. Dios "You'll Get Yours"
4. Those Young Lions "That Truthful Temper"
5. Moses Campbell "And It's Over 1"

Air Break

6. Final Spins "Down the Road"
7. Roman Candles "Show Me the Way to Go Home"
8. Insted "Vulnerable"
9. Nightmare Air "Shock of the New"

Air Break

10. The Ringers "13th Floor"
11. The Health Club "The 15th"
12. The Happy Hollows "Faces"

Air Break

13. Double Dagger "Surrealist Composition with Your Face"
14. Human Host "Plastic Food"
15. The Meeting Places "Millions"

Air Break

16. The Underground Railroad to Candyland "Jimmy V"
17. Pom Pom "Fancy Dance"
18. Radars to the Sky "Selfish Kids"

Air Break

19. The Press Fire! "Hipster Crickets"
20. The Californian "Sea of Love"

21. Manicorn "Some Kind of Idiot"
22. Lanterns "Creation Myth"

End Show

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