Friday, September 11, 2009

09.11.2009 KXLU Pledge Drive!!

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It is now time for our Pledge Drive.

Donate ANYTHING you can afford to our show, please.
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11 Sept, 2009

1.  Beardo "Demolisten Theme"
2.  Thought Process "About that Time"
3.  The Librarians "Don't You Know Dewey Died For Your Sins/ Stacked Corpses"

4.  The Happy Hollows "Lieutenant"

5.  Guidance Counselor "Separate"

6.  Dios Malos "Love you Girl"

7.  The Good Listeners "Endless Mountains"

8.  Urban Tramper "Idealistic or Just ARtistic"

9.  Amanda Joe Williams "Help...I've Fallen In The Lake"

10.  Ovideo "Ropes"

11.  The Growlers "Soul of Coral"

and more.....

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