Friday, October 4, 2013

10.5.2013 - Fundrazor!

The D. Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten"
Fancy Mansion "Dog Breath"

Elle Belle "You Better Mean It"

Future Sauce "Waiting for the Man (Cover - The Velvet Underground)"

Ukefink "Oh Death! (Cover - Traditional)"

Pesadilla Distopika "La Muerte Me Agarra (Grab Me Death)"
Way To Go Genius "No Thanx"

The Voodoo Synthesist "A Maze of Death"

Vulture "Death Mask"

The Strange Boys "Death and all the Rest"
Dawn of Sequins "Baby Got Arrested" BY REQUEST!

400 Blows "Love You To Death"

Retavrant "Oakley Shades"

The Pharmacy "One Last Melody"

Peg Leg Love "United by Death"
The Manx "Durin' The Deathless"

Los Duggans "Heaven Bound"
Hippie Cream "I Pray That When I Die (Pretty Women, Moonshine Geysers)"

Frankie Delmane "Indifference"
Gram Rabbit "Hyena"

Consumer Products "Paramilitary Vampires Are Always Hungryu

3 1/2 Bangs and Britches "Green Leaf"

NASA Space Universe "Truth Knoose"
Lily Marlene "When You're Blue"

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