Friday, September 9, 2011

9.9.2011 - Sean Fred And Nick


1. The D. Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten"
2. Rabbit Ears Motel "Stars and Dust (Junk from Space)"
3. Abhor "Satan's Chest"


4. I. E. "Smartphone"
5. Summer Camp "Was It Worth It"
6. The D. Sticker Ensemble "Devil"

Air Break

7. Geoff Geis "Oh if this song could make the clouds just disappear"
8. Nathan Payne "Certain Stratospheres"
9. Northern Portrait "Crazy"

Air Break

10. Renee Hell "Med School Prince"
11. 400 Blows "Let the Lightning Strike"
12. Cut Your Hair "Utah in Pictures"

Air break

13. Ace Diamond "Rumpel Fore Skin"
14. Gwendolyn "Sing this Song"
15. Wrong Way Driver "Damocles"

Air Break

16. College "Drone"
17. Toning "Get Spooked"
18. Peg Leg Love "Strange"

Air break

19. Corridor "Barricks"
20. Laco$te " Cellie"
21. Purple Venice "Beach Song"

Air Break

22. Sinner Sinners "Aloha"


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