Friday, April 2, 2010

4.2.2010 - Dan Plaza & GOOD FRIDAY!

It's GOOD FRIDAY, the day they strung him up!

our live guest is DAN PLAZA

Check HERE for an mp3 of entire show!
Watch Fred play songs about Jesus Here:

Watch Fred play more songs about Jesus here:

Watch DAN PLAZA perfrom here:



1. Devo I saw Jesus"
2. Violent Femmes "Jesus Walking on the Water"
3. Flaming Lips "Plastic Jesus"

-air break

4. King Missle "Jesus was Way Cool"
5. Vaselines "Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam"
6. Soul Junk "Sweet To My Soul"

-air break

7. Afghan Wigs "The Temple"
8. The Shaggs "We have a Saviour"
9. Slayer "Jesus Saves"


10. D. Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten"
11. Ukefink "Three Shiny Nails"
12. Skin Problems "Jesus and Fairy"

-air break

13. Grit "Goin To Meet Jesus"
14. High Castle "We Can't Dance With Jesus"
15. Jug Fusion "Jesus is Coming Soon"

-air break / concert calendar

16. Weekend Warrior "Where's Your Savior At?"
17. Octavius "Jesus"
18.Los Duggans "Calvary"
19. Volumen "Miniature Action Jesus"

- air break

20. Rube Waddell "Jesus Didn't Die For Me"
21. Troy Taroy "Jesus Help Me"
22. Ukefink "Jesus Cn You Hear Me"

-air break

23. Troy Taroy "The Temple"
24. Spain "Jesus"

- air break

DAN PLAZA performs live!

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