Friday, October 9, 2009

10.09.2009 The Guppies

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On today's show, we have The Guppies.
They are a fine band from all the areas of Los Angeles.

Now play some "GODDAMN MUSIC".  Here's a video of them below.

and here's the first part of the show.

09 October, 2009

1. D Sticker Ensemble "Demolisten Theme"
2. Moment Trigger "Natta- Boy"
3. LEIF (kolt) "Introduction - Dead is the New Rich"
4. Bestial Mouths "Skin Slipping Off"

Air Break

5. Shiloe "By The Daggers in Your Eyes"
6.  Dante vs Zombies "By Nuns"
7.  Dozal Brothers "Faces"

Air Break

8.  Chad Roberts and the Band We Dare not Speak of "The Mighty Kraken"
9.  Manicorn "Renee"
10.  Free Ajents "World Go Round"

Air Break

11. Stiff Donut "Throw That Crying Baby Out of the Airplane"
12. Dogweed "Gone Fishin' (part one)"
13. The Happy Hollows "Father Time"

Air Break

14. Rodeo Birdmouth "Apart Again"
15.  Kid Infinity "Lone Wolves"
16. Pizza! "Gay "Hotel California""

Air Break

17. Whitman "Under Your Skies"
18.  Nocturnal Ron "Action Sequence"
19.  Light FM "Sweet Caress"

The Guppies play live

20.  Restavrant "Silver $ Surprise"

End Show

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